Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sharing Love

3Yrs, 8 months...It's that time of the year again...time to share love to every man, woman, boy and girl! 2008 is nearing its end and many of us are reflecting on goals not accomplished, unexpected events that have arisen, and hopes for the future.

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, let us continue to be thankful for someone or something in our lives. Don't be upset by the driver going 20 miles an hour when you're already late for work...that driver could be your guardian angel preventing you from the car accident that just occurred 10 miles up the road!

Don't be annoyed when you are called to go to an unexpected meeting or training at thankful you have a job...oh, and don't forget the annual and boring safety briefing/training you're required to attend! You know, the one that you can almost recite word for word? Be thankful for that briefing/training...although the information may be repetitive to you, you never know how that information might help you help someone else! And don't get annoyed when a family member asks for financial assistance...for the second or third time. Perhaps that stimulus check or bonus check you received in the mail wasn't necessarily for you at all, but it was for you to help that family member in need.

In other this individualistic society we live in...keep in mind, your life is not just your own. We must all share love, share our talents, share our knowledge and wisdom. How selfish is the person that chooses not to do so! We cannot bury our heads in the sand or attempt to live in a vacuum because I promise you, eventually...almost certainly, one will be affected and effected by the same circumstances from which you hide from! It's a funny thing about us humans...we have a tendency to create the very circumstances we do not want-lol!

The Decision...for those who have been walking this journey with me, I have decided to postpone cutting my hair. I have discussed the possibility and style with my consultant, but because I am "thankful" for my thick and long locks, and thankful that it keeps the cool winter air off my neck and ears; I may not cut until the spring or summer. Stay tuned! Season's Greetings to everyone. My holiday wish for you is to have peace, clarity, and a joyous 2009!