Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Above is my rendition of Mrs. Claus (smile)! I've been locked now for 2 years and 8 months and the journey has yet ceased to amaze me! You can faintly see my two-week old twist-out style in the pics. Also, you will note that my dark brown-almost black hair dye that I had done a few months ago lost its battle (smile).
Let's see...this month....aaahh, December, the month full of vicarious joy and love ALONE I have been stopped many many times and asked the same FOUR questions:

  1. Is that your real hair?
  2. Are those "twisties"?
  3. Who does your hair?
  4. If you wanted to change your 'hairstyle', you would have to cut them off, huh?

The conversation generally ends with, "I really like those a lot; it's exactly what I'm looking to do with my hair but I like to change my hair too much!" After hearing those same questions repeatedly and my efforts to educate those inquiring minds; I relentlessly give in and refer them to the Sisterlocks web site and internally shake my head.....boy, will we ever stop being a slave to all of that negative rhetoric, false beliefs, and misinformation about our beautiful nappy hair? In the meantime, to all of my fellow bloggers...Season Greetings and I hope 2008 will be you much love, peace, and joy!