Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Summer Ending

September 2010
5 yrs and 5 months lock'd

The end of summer is almost here! I've had a great summer. Let's recap... in nearly 6 years, I finally took a trip back East to visit my family, added more tattoo's, cut my hair, and now, out of my 4 children; 3 have graduated and moved on, and now I have one remaining in high school. I'm still working out; toned and lost the winter weight, and still taking classes to exercise my brain. I may be rare in that I will miss the 100 degree temperature here in Texas. It did nothing for my electric bill or my grass, but I absolutely love sunshine and heat! My hair has been short for almost 2 months now and I don't miss the longer locs (so far). I am curling it a lot more, as I suspected I would. Til next month..