Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Yeah okay...
Wow! I can't believe lover's day is already upon us. Personally, I think Valentine's Day commercialism is highly overrated! No, I'm not hating or upset because I don't have a man-- because actually I do . It's just that the older I get, the more my eyes have opened up to the reality of my surroundings. Why do we let society dictate to us when, where, and how we should celebrate our love with our significant others? When you're with the right person, Valentine's is not just a single day; it's every day that you spend with that person!
Men/women buy into the hype of having to get their loved one flowers that will die, candy that may go to the hips, or a piece of jewelry that is often overpriced and loses it's value as soon as you wrap it up in the box! All of this to show how much they care....I think not!
So many people go out and purchase gifted items that meant nothing to them the day before Valentine's Day and will mean nothing to them the day after-lol! What is really needed for Valentine's Day (every day for that matter) cannot be given by a man or woman! Unconditional love and pure forgiveness for our mishaps and wrongdoings! Simply put-God's love. At any rate, for those who enjoy the commercialism of Valentine's Day -may you enjoy your 24 hours.