Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Revelation

Wrap-A-Loc Set

Attention Please, Attention Please!
I have some great news that I wanted to share with everyone. Today, after 4 years of being SL'd, I signed up for the SL Consultant Training Class! My class date is November 7-10 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area. Many of you know that becoming a SL Consultant is an idea that I have tossed around for a while now. It's official now, I made my reservation today! The good news doesn't stop there...I have officially decided to change my career.
I am fed up with the Corporate America mentality and I'm leaving it behind. This past week alone, I have had persistent backaches and upset stomach from the moment I walk into my office. I have stress knots on my shoulders that never seem to go away! It's funny that I don't seem to have these head and stomachaches during the weekend (days when I'm off)...hmmm..
Thus, it's time I pursue something that I am passionate about. With all that being said...I enrolled at a local cosmetology college for the Fall semester. The program begins in December. Translation: I will be quitting my "job" by December. I would like to invite any encouraging words or food for thought.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Just June

SL 4 Years, 2 Months...Wow, I can't believe that half the year is already gone! My locks are still flourishing and growing like weeds. My longest lock reaches past the bottom of my bra line. Since my last entry, I have recovered from a bout of poison ivy! I will never again underestimate the power behind "leaves of 3"...what started out as a spot on my hand, ended up on my face, neck, arms, and back. Being the strong woman that I am, I tried treating it with conventional over-the-counter medication, but after a week and it appeared to worsen, I soon relented and quickly visited my physician! he placed me on steroid therapy (pills and ointment), and 7-10 days later, I finally saw the first sign of recovery. In total, it took me clost to a month to get rid of it. Because the poision ivy was on my face, that meant I could wear make up for a month (pic with up-do). I didn't want to risk spreading the oil to my make up brushes and causing a reoccuring infection. Some scarring still remains...

In other news, my son (pictured), experimented and took one of his locks down. We were astonished to discover that his hair reaches to his elbow! In the fall, he will be going to a technical school that forbids "exotic hairstyles". I knew he was serious about attending the school when he did not hestitate to agree to cut his locks. We're planning the cutting ceremony for August. Quite naturally, his impending decision to cut fostered the idea of me cutting again...however, the idea quickly vanished, as I do not think I can part with my locks just yet. They may want to break off and leave me; but the feeling isn't mutual-lol! At any rate, I'll be chatting soon.