Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Chop Number 4

I decided to make a fresh start. My ends were fried from the hair color and I really didn't like the way it was feeling. Besides, I figured a new year is coming and it would be easier to keep track of my growth over the upcoming year. I am still taking GNC's Hair, Skin, and Nails and MSM.

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Before 3rd Big Chop
I've been away for a very long time and decided to pop in and post some updated pics and let everyone know where my journey has landed me.  As you can see, I am sporting a very close cropped cut (TWA).  I cut my Sisterlocks off August 2011 and grew my hair out for about 11 months.  I was loving the adventure; however, I went against my better judgement and went to one of those African Braiding shops to get Senegalese twists in June 2012.  The braider cut my hair while she was trimming the twists!  By the time I got home that evening, I knew I had made a mistake.  The twists were too long, heavy, and extremely tight for my delicate, cottony-soft hair.  I took them out two days later, and of course, I lost my edges and a lot of volume due to them cutting my hair while trimming the twists.  I was so mad and disappointed with myself for not listening to my intuition.  So, my only recourse was to big chop once again (3rd time to date) and start over.  Well, I loved this look so much that I sported it throughout the summer.  As the months have begun to get colder, I am now ready to start growing it out again.  I am not a big fan of V-blogging, as I'm a bit old-fashioned, and simply love to write.  So, I will be documenting this journey, as I have done previously when I initially big chopped in 2004 and when I started my SL journey.  My new goal is to have bra-strap length by the time I'm 50yrs old (4yrs 10 months).  I think this is very doable.  My only foreseeable hinderance is my impatience.

New Regimen:

I will be taking GNC's Hair, Skin, and Nails, 3 MSM capsules, and conducting scalp massages with Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil at least 2-3 times weekly to stimulate blood flow to my hair follicles.  I plan to wash with Yes to Carrots natural shampoo and conditioner.  I sooo love the fragrance!  Additionally, I have purchased approximately 15 wigs to help me combat my desire for change and my weakness for impatience.  However, I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but wigs start to hurt the back of my scalp (nape) after about 4-5 hours of wearing them.  I've even cut out the combs out, loosened the straps, taken off the wig cap--you name it; I think I've tried it!  I'm at wits end.  I need to insert some type of cushion.  I am open for suggestions.  Anyway, wish me luck and encouragement on my newest journey.