Monday, May 10, 2010

Bronze Again

Ahh, now I'm feeling more like myself again! I got my hair retightened and the color touched up! I didn't realize how badly I needed the color touched up until I started wearing my spring clothing collection. It's been about 7-8 weeks since my last retightening, which always makes me feel like I did when I had a relaxer--in need of a touch up! I found myself saying things like, "Oh Wow, I have a lot of new growth; I need my hair done bad!" My friends who are still addicted to the "creamy crack" would look at me strangely as if I was on illegal substances. It finally dawned on me that they could not understand how I could have "new growth" if my entire head is nappy-lol! New growth to them equates to nappiness; while new growth to me means exactly that...newly grown hair that needs to be tightened.
I don't know about any of my SL sisters, but even after 5 years of being locked; I still get extremely annoyed when someone makes comments to me like, "I love your dreads!" I have matured in the sense that I no longer correct them on the spot. Most times, I just smile, and respond with "thanks"! However, when the subsequent questions begin to follow like, "Where do you go to get your dreads done, or How much did it cost to get your dreads started?" It is then I curtly respond with Sisterlocks in every answer, and finally, when I've noticed that they're still confused; yet fascinated, I just refer them to the SL web site.
Interestingly enough, when I get comments like that from my family; I am more tolerable. For example, I was fortunate enough to fly home to NJ last month to visit my family. I hadn't been home since 2006. Keep in my mind my mother is almost 70 years old, half African American and half Caucasian; with Caucasian textured hair. While my hair was much shorter the last time I was home, my family saw my SL's and no one commented. However, the night before I was due to leave my mother asked, "What is that you're wearing on your head?" Shocked that she asked me this after seeing my hair locked in all this time, I responded with, "Huh?" She repeated herself. I replied, "Mom, this is MY hair; this is not a wig or hair piece-lol!" Then she said, "Well, what do you have to do to get it back to 'normal'?" All I could do was laugh at the realization that she really had no clue about locked hair; let alone any rememberance about what was considered "normal" for my hair texture! I eventually, exlained it all to her. Then she proceeded to take pictures of my hair, as I'm sure that she wanted to tell all of her friends about her baby with the nappy hair (smile)! I love and miss you mom!