Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Time

Okay Family...I wanted to share the first time I've ever been frustrated with my locks story! Yes, I said it, "Monica is frustrated with her sisterlocks!" It only took me a little shy of four years, but it's possible and I'm human, right?

Don't get me wrong, I still love them and I still have no desire to go back to relaxed hair...If you've followed my blog then you are a witness to the various changes I've been going through over the last several months. Thus, initially, I thought the idea of cutting my locks was just another symptom of all of these changes...What do we do when we feel powerless? Change the things we can, right? So, I brushed off the urge to cut and experimented with different styles instead. Sadly, it hasn't worked. This prompted me to do some further exploring as to why I've really wanted to cut my Sisterlocks when I've spent so much time patiently waiting for them to grow...Here are my conclusions:

  • While I may curl my hair (my favorite style); most times, I wear it straight or in a pony tail. The problem that has arisen is now that my hair has gotten so long, it consumes a lot of my time roller setting them (my preferred style of curling). In addition to the length, the thickness remains the same. I may start off with a pony tail in the morning, but by midday, I'm taking it down because the weight of my hair; coupled with whatever ponytail holder I'm using gives me a horrible headache! Thus, I'm strongly considering cutting my hair into a bob. A bob will give me the opportunity to curl my hair, and maybe even wear a shorter ponytail. Below is a pic of bob I want (taken from the Essence Magazine). I'm open to your thoughts and opinions, so have at it family! What do you think?......Monica

P.S. What I forgot to disclose was the fact that in the near future I will be undergoing a MAJOR career change. While training in this profession, the hair should not be below the collar. This criteria only added to my argument (smile). My next retightening isn't until November 1st and I am due for coloring...I'll keep everyone posted!