Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something Different

November 5, 2004
5 Months Natural

Two-week old Braids

I became impatient with what seemed like slow growth of my hair and decided to get it braided. Frustrated with the odd length of my hair, I had begun experimenting with different products, which was not only unhealthy for my hair, but quite expensive. So, I opted for some good ole' single, or "box" braids. It was done on October 23, 2004. I insisted that my braider be extremely gentle around my hairline, as it is known to easily break under stress and manipulation. Ayanna, my braider did an excellent job, and most of all, she listened to my demands for not-so-tight braids around the hairline! It took her about 6 hours to complete my entire head. I expressed to her that my goal was to allow my natural hair to grow in order to start locing. She completely understood because her hair is locked with traditional locs. So, we established a plan of keeping my hair continually braided, with touch-up braids as the new-growth grows out.

I experienced a lot of itching of course, considering that I used 100% Kanekalon hair, and I no-poo'd twice since getting my hair braided, and I've utilized Sea Breeze to help control the itching. My scalp was a little flakey, but I think that was a result from not thoroughly washing out all of the conditioner. I'll have to be more careful. In addition, my braider told me to stay away from lotions and use oils to keep the dirt and lint build-up at a minimum. I did purchase some medicated braid spray, which works well. My hair should reach 3-4 inches by February-March, but I probably won't get Sisterlocked until April or May. My plate is going to be full during those months, and besides, I'd rather wait until the weather warms back up before exposing my scalp. I'm still taking all of those vitamins. I'm thinking about cutting back and just taking the Women's multivitamin and the Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin.

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