Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Desire of the Woman

"Desire of the Woman"

We are fashioned for intimacy. We long for love and a sense of true caring. Yet, because of the Fall, we are broken people living in a world of broken people. We move toward others, based not so much on what they need, but rather on what we need, endeavoring somehow to slake the hidden thirst deep within our souls.

Our need for relationship is legitimate; it is there by God's design. To have healthy, functional relationships, however, it is essential that we sort out what God, our "Source," intended to be to us.

One of the foundations being exposed today is the "desire of the woman"—the belief that her husband can be her source of life, that he can meet her need for her life, he will "rule" her emotionally. She is "up" if things are going well. If not, she becomes hurt, discouraged, and depressed. Ruled by her husband—her heart, her "center." Having been turned from God to man—she is not able to be the help for him she was created to be. She is drinking from a broken cistern (see Jer. 2:13). She has the right expectation, but the wrong source.

Whatever we think will satisfy our longing will become our god. Satisfaction found in a wrong source, a false god, is always temporary, doomed to failure and disappointment. False gods are addictive because we must come again and again for refilling; what they can give us is never enough. We become slaves to what we think will fill the empty wells inside of us.
God wants us to find our "being" needs in Him; no human can fulfill them. When we find our life in Him, we will discover we can let go of our demands on others. We can then begin to move in genuine relationship with them because they are no longer the source of our identity and security. Until this occurs, real intimacy cannot begin to take place.

When a woman's heart is turned—when she sets her desire back on God—a new freedom comes. The grasping in her voice and her attitude goes. She is able to move into relationship with her husband based on wholeness rather than inappropriate neediness, hurt, and woundedness. She is able to speak into his life with more effectiveness because her worth and identity no longer depend on his response. When the woman stops looking to her husband for the needs he cannot meet, she frees him to meet the ones he can: the need for intimacy and shared responsibility for the marriage and family.

This is a key factor in what God is doing today in the hearts of women around the world. He is turning the centers of women, teaching them to deny themselves, their own strength, and to find their Source in Him. God is teaching them to live by the "tree of life," the life of God in them. He is freeing them from the broken cisterns of their own making and fashioning them anew, restoring the man's help to him.---Jane Hansen


Eve was the original first lady. She was not only a woman's first experience with God, but God's first experience with a woman. She was the first to delight the Father's heart as only a daughter can. She was the first to grace this Earth with the ways of a woman and the first to encounter the wiles of the devil. She was the first to love a man and the first to mislead one. She was the first to know the love of God and the first to suffer the curse of fallen humanity. She was the one after whom every woman who has ever lived has followed.
You, too, are a daughter of God. You were created and called according to His purpose. He may be calling you, like Eve, to pioneer. His destiny for your life may include some unexplored or unexpected territory. So go boldly after Him. Follow Him with all your heart. And if He asks you to do for Him what has not been done before, remember Eve. She had no mentor, no mother, no older female friend to help her on her way. She had only God; and if you ever find yourself as a first lady, He will be there to help you blaze every trial and break open every new day! --Author Unknown

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Joy said...

Thank you. Very inspiration. You said somethings that I knew in my head but not in my heart. I'm learning this heart lesson now.
Thank you.
Also, I like your Sisterlocks and am thinking of getting some of my own.