Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Revelation

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Attention Please, Attention Please!
I have some great news that I wanted to share with everyone. Today, after 4 years of being SL'd, I signed up for the SL Consultant Training Class! My class date is November 7-10 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area. Many of you know that becoming a SL Consultant is an idea that I have tossed around for a while now. It's official now, I made my reservation today! The good news doesn't stop there...I have officially decided to change my career.
I am fed up with the Corporate America mentality and I'm leaving it behind. This past week alone, I have had persistent backaches and upset stomach from the moment I walk into my office. I have stress knots on my shoulders that never seem to go away! It's funny that I don't seem to have these head and stomachaches during the weekend (days when I'm off)...hmmm..
Thus, it's time I pursue something that I am passionate about. With all that being said...I enrolled at a local cosmetology college for the Fall semester. The program begins in December. Translation: I will be quitting my "job" by December. I would like to invite any encouraging words or food for thought.


A Sista Who Locked said...

I wish you the BEST OF LUCK and I understand your pain! Glad to see that you are going after what makes you happy. You are definitely motivating me to dig deep within myself to find what makes me happy. I can only take these headaches/pains so much longer!

Anonymous said...

Monica, I would like to say that you have full support from me if this is what you feel comfortable doing. In no instance do I believe that it is necessary to remain in a position that makes you uncomfortable or sick in any sense. Thus, FULL SPEED AHEAD! Additionally, WOOHOO... on signing up for the consultant training. As beautiful as your hair always looks (as do you), I'm sure you will be a fabulous consultant and be very successful in cosmetology school! Keep us updated!

Brown ButtahFly said...

Congrats on everything!

If going to work makes you feel that sick then it is definitely time for a change. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I'm sure you will make a great consultant!

By the way I love those curls!

Anonymous said...

If that's what you choose to do Monica, go for it. Sounds like you have a great plan.Don't let no one or anything stop you from acheiving your goals and being all that you can be. Follow your heart becasue no one else can make you happy but you.

PhePhi said...

that is awesome! follow your heart. do what you luv. following new passions are always exciting. i wish u the best!!

Anonymous said...


Spiral_Loc said...

Happy for you to pursue your dreams! ---,--{@

your hair is nice, very Nice!
I have a co-worker who is leaving next month to go to Nursing School.
When I am "40" I would like a change as well.

Take Care~
~Spiral-Loc~ {formerly QueenLi}

Gigglz said...

Go for it with no reservations. Leaving Corporate America is a tough decision to go into a service profession with no guarantees but if its your passion you will be mentally fulfilled and you will be good at it because you will enjoy what you're doing.

I work in Corporate America myself and over the past few months I have been questioning if I can do it for another 20 years, the answer is NO! I have a passion for hair and want to go to school for it as well, but opportunity never seems to present itself..you have to make the opportunity. Good Luck!

Evie said...

When I read your post, I thought to myself, I could have written this! After years in Corporate America, I was laid off. I was extremely unhappy prior to that, but I let fear keep me there...

Not sure of what else I could do I eventually went back to Corporate America, miserable and unhappy but employed. I just wasn't getting the lesson - God wants us to be happy! Within a year, I found out that I was facing a 2nd bout with breast cancer. It was a huge wake-up call for me. Two weeks after finishing chemo and returning to work, I was laid off (again)! Seriously, it was time for me to sit and reflect and evaluate my life decisions.

Now that I'm healty, and rockin' my TWA, I've decided to go back to school. I'm investing in me for a change and my next goal is to get Sisterlocks for my birthday in September. My hair may not be long enough by then, but at least I know that it's definitely what I want.

I said all of that to encourage you to do what makes you happy! Life is too short to do anything that doesn't bring you joy. The older I get, the more that lesson rings true. I'm sure you will be much happier and loving your life! I wish you the best. Keep us posted!

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

I wish U the best I know what you mean when I was doing desk work as soon as I would drive in the parking lot my head would hurt like really bad and it seemed like a dark cloud was lifted when I left, trust in the Lord and when you have doubts about are you making the right moves compare the two and go with your heart

Lalaboobaby said...

Good luck to you and your future of freedom and joy in doing what makes you happy. I get the similar feeling as others going to a job that I don't quite care for just to pay the bills. The other year I decided to go back to school to pursue my degrees so I can have the career I always wanted. Although I'm still at my current job, each class I complete I see my future coming closer.

God Bless

Brownsuga said...

I think that is wonderful news. So many are afraid of leaving corporate America to go do what they really want. I applaud you for stepping out!
I've also been pondering the same thing. Everyone has been telling me since high school (I'm now 30 something) that I should do hair professionally but after getting my college degree I didn't see why I should bother. Now I need the flexibility and I recently started doing hair on the side, so I really have been thinking about it more and more.

Thank you for being another example of one who takes hold of their dreams and running!

Anonymous said...

Thanks great Monica! I have just moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area also. Where r u going 2 go 2 school? I have been contemplating the same. In order to do natural hair, I guess I have to first conform to the others way of styling first.

Angel Locs said...


God planted the seed, now it is your time to manifest and nurture it. Good luck in your endeavours, do what will make you happy and take the stress from your life/body.

To Blessed to be Stress

Many Blessings.

Revitol said...

Hi Monica,
I just want to say your hair styles are simply great and you look gorgeous in these different looks.


Shavonne said...

Congratulations on your decision to leave Corporate America.

D'Neece said...

Hey Monica,
I am very proud of your decision. I love your blog. I will be getting my locs with Elaine on Monday and I am very excited. Thank you for sharing your journey.Be Encouraged, Empowered and uplifed.

cheleski(Shelll-skeeee) said...

Gurrrrrrrrrl this is confirmation to me. I was enrolled in the spring and withdrew-I HATE CHEMICALS,sigh. And they know nothing about natural hair-but I want to do this thing 2. So keep us posted. I left Corp 3 weeks ago...I wrote the book-need to go to the next level with ya. Congrats. I'm so happy for you!