Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Above is my rendition of Mrs. Claus (smile)! I've been locked now for 2 years and 8 months and the journey has yet ceased to amaze me! You can faintly see my two-week old twist-out style in the pics. Also, you will note that my dark brown-almost black hair dye that I had done a few months ago lost its battle (smile).
Let's see...this month....aaahh, December, the month full of vicarious joy and love ALONE I have been stopped many many times and asked the same FOUR questions:

  1. Is that your real hair?
  2. Are those "twisties"?
  3. Who does your hair?
  4. If you wanted to change your 'hairstyle', you would have to cut them off, huh?

The conversation generally ends with, "I really like those a lot; it's exactly what I'm looking to do with my hair but I like to change my hair too much!" After hearing those same questions repeatedly and my efforts to educate those inquiring minds; I relentlessly give in and refer them to the Sisterlocks web site and internally shake my head.....boy, will we ever stop being a slave to all of that negative rhetoric, false beliefs, and misinformation about our beautiful nappy hair? In the meantime, to all of my fellow bloggers...Season Greetings and I hope 2008 will be you much love, peace, and joy!



SistaLocd said...

We all head them, they make me laugh when they ask those silly questions! Your Sisterlocks are looking good!

S0uthernGirl said...

Hi Monica, you and your SLs look great :)

Happy Holidays!

Lakia said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Your hair is looking fabulous. My favorite question is "So you gotta shave your head when you want to take them out?" As if if I want them out, I love my sisterlocks.

Anonymous said...

Love the Ms. Claus look (lol).
Those twist out last forever don't they? That is what I love about the hairstyle.

I also give up on the "I like to change my hair too much" folks. Most of them don't truly change their hair THAT often and of couse we all know how versatile sisterlocks and locks in general can be when one is in the know about it (-:

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Nice, very Nice! Have a Happy New Year in 2008!


I Am Legend is a remake of this movie:

They really stepped this movie up!

Cee said...

Monica.. your hair looks beautiful and Happy Belated Birthday, 40 is a good age.. my 40's seemed as if they lasted for a long time, now I am 50 and so far so go.. Those are the same four questions I get also.

Cee said...

Monica.. your hair looks beautiful and Happy Belated Birthday, 40 is a good age.. my 40's seemed as if they lasted for a long time, now I am 50 and so far so go.. Those are the same four questions I get also.

Eyedinity said...

I am awaiting to get traditional locks and I get the similiar questions from family members that I've told. The famous one is, "Isn't that permanent?" "Aren't you gonna have to cut your hair if you want something different?" Then they end with, "I don't know, I couldn't do that. That's too deep."

Then I wanna say, "Oh so I guess it's fine to fry your hair into submission against it's genetic grain so you can shake you hair like nationalities besides your own. You don't have a clue as to what deep is."

But instead I just say, "Oh okay, to each his own, right?"

Best wishes to you always,

Sogolocs said...


You look wonderful as usual. I am getting a lot of question about my hair as well. I just believe that people need to be real with themselves ,and just be themselves. You locks are gorgeous and, you have a great new year.

knotsnlocks said...

hi moniqa! you may not remember me, but we chatted via e mail back in 2005 about sisterlocks! well, yours are still as pretty as ever! i have been tagged for the first time and have been trying to find others who have not! if you don't mind, check out my blog and play along if you'd like! oh and you played a part in helping me decide to make the sisterlock move!

Lamont said...

Hi Monica, this is Lamont. I miss talking with you. E-mail me at

Lamont said...

Monica, this is Lamont. Please, get in touch with me at God Bless you my lost friend. I'm in Atlanta,GA.

Anonymous said...

Hello Monica...I'm moving to the Killeen area Apr 08. I saw Greg (Austin stylist around Feb 10). I have about 12 to 14 inches of relaxed hair. I was told to wash my hair twice a week and come back in two months. you still travel to Dallas or do you go to Greg in Austin? I'm also wondering if I should just do the "big chop" or loc my hair while slowy getting the relaxed hair cut?