Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1 Year Anniversary!

Day After SL'd 4/15/2005

1 Year Locked After Coloring (Below)

Before Coloring
Happy 1 Year Anniversary (April 14)!

I finally made it to one year being SL. I can't believe time has passed so quickly! If you look closely, you can see one color. Elaine (consultant) clipped some more frizzy balls and trimmed some off my mature locks. Notably, I still have some very stubborn locks that just refuse to join in with the rest of the group. Thanks for all those who prayed for my health when I was in the hospital. It was really scary there for a moment. One benefit to being sick/hospital (it seems), my hair hit a growing phase, especially on my right side. So, I gather that my growing season is around the March/April/May timeframe.


Tra said...

congrats on making one year. you locs are maturing beautifully.

Maryee said...


brunsli said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad you are feeling better.

Leighann said...

Happy Anniversary! Your locks are looking good!

Ree-C said...

Your locs and the color look nice. It is good to hear that you are better.

malaikablu said...

Glad to know you mmade it through fine. The things we women have to endure! Both pics look great and luv the color! Congrats on your anniversary.

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